About us

Since our creation, we have learnt that in order to be competitive, we must transmit confidence to our clients and to society in general.

Tiberi was born in 2002 thanks to the master chef Juan Romero, who completed his studies at the Mestre Tomeu Esteve school and has been chef of the best restaurants in Mallorca. He has held a Michelin star during a large part of his trajectory, and is currently the partner and gastronomic advisor of his successor, Rafa Genovard, who is the Executive Chef of Tiberi.

As a business we have clear ideas, we offer our clients high quality and service, we follow our same old philosophy. Since the beginning we have continuously increased our number of projects as well as clients, and we are currently a well-known and established business within our sector.

At Tiberi we have a perceptive analysis plan and a close control of critical points, which are then subject of rigorous hygienic and sanitary controls in order to guarantee a top quality and reliability of its products. Sanitary Registry Number RGSA 26.09738/PM.

At Tiberi we have a team of qualified and professional restaurant experts. We work daily on the ongoing training of our staff and on providing an excellent customer service.

At Tiberi we consider ourselves as a responsible and sustainable company; we work every day with very integrated values ​​in our culture and management: work conciliation and flexibility, equal opportunities, respect for the environment, personal development and training.

Food is not something to be trashed, so every day various NGO’s collect any leftovers from our premises and give them out to several soup kitchens.

Thank you letter from Mallorca Sense Fam (PDF)

Thank you letter from “Trobada Cultural Solidària” (PDF)

We focus on raw materials processed and produced in our environment, ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

We constantly innovate, mainly with local products, creating new recipes and dishes that we include in our offer.